4 Reasons You Should Get Your Carpets Cleaned

4 Reasons You Should Get Your Carpets Cleaned


Cleaning your home can be a pain, especially when you have a large home and many surfaces to clean. While most homeowners focus on frequently cleaning high-touch surface areas like countertops, doorknobs, and rooms they spend a lot of time in like the kitchen and bathroom, it’s important to make sure you are cleaning porous surfaces that can hold germs for a long time. Things like drapes, rugs and carpet often get overlooked with the daily chores which can had adverse effects on your health over time. 


Regardless of if you are cleaning for a special occasion or after a traumatic event occurred in your home, having your carpet professionally cleaned can be a game changer when it comes to being safe at home and breathing clean air. Still not convinced? Here are a few top reasons why it’s important to get your carpets professionally cleaned.


Breathe fresher air at home


Carpets are made up of porous surfaces which can attract many different types of dirt, dust, and germs, many of which are hard to trace with the naked eye. The more often you clean your carpets, the better chance you have of breathing fresher air at home. Get rid of the pesky air pollutants that get trapped in your carpet with professional cleaning.


Prolong the life of your carpet


Regular carpet cleaning can not only freshen the air and enhance the look and feel of your home, but it can also be a great way to increase the life of your carpet. Carpets and flooring in general are often a steep investment so it’s always a good idea to protect your investment and prolong the life of your floor. 


Some virus strains can survive on carpets for long periods of time


While the infectious lifespan of the COVID-19 virus is dependent on many factors including temperature, porosity of the surface and humidity, it’s important to note that viruses can in fact live on surfaces. According to the CDC, some virus strains, such as the Norovirus, can live for up to 12 days in your carpet even when regularly vacuumed. This means if you had someone sick in your home, it could be time to bring in professional carpet cleaners.


Crime scene cleanup is the responsibility of the property owner


When the worst happens and a traumatic event occurs at home, many people are surprised to learn that cleaning the area is the responsibility of the property owner and not law enforcement. Trying to clean these areas yourself can not only be extremely stressful and overwhelming, but it can also be dangerous if not handled properly. Professional biohazard cleanup companies like Xtreme Cleaners are experts in blood and trauma cleanup, waste disposal, meth lab testing and remediation, and any type of bodily fluid cleaning. 


A crime scene may occur anytime or anywhere, and their certified technicians’ top priority is to restore the scene to its original or better than original condition. There may be a significant amount of blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIMs) that contain infectious disease and only certified crime scene cleanup technicians can clean a death scene. They are training in being extremely thorough in cleaning every surface from the carpet to the ceiling and every space in-between to ensure the space is safe to return to. If you or someone you know needs help cleaning up after a traumatic incident in Louisiana, give Xtreme Cleaners a call at 800-524-9591.