5 Tips to Reclaiming Your Home from Hoarding


Sometimes life becomes overwhelming and things spiral out of control. When that happens, it’s easy to lose motivation to clean and purge things in the home and before you know it, the space becomes unmanageable. Oftentimes in these situations, the accumulation of garbage, food, clothes and other household items can render your home unsafe. With fire hazards, mold growth potential, and hidden dangers lurking beneath the surface, you may need to bring in professional help. Before your home gets to that point, there are a few tips you can try to reclaim your home from hoarding.


Tackle one room where hoarding is evident at a time


Oftentimes when there is one room that is messy in a home, the clutter spills out into other areas. When you take the time to start the cleaning process, having multiple spaces to tackle can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to focus on one room at a time. With a strategic method and specific task at hand, you can pay attention to a single space from top to bottom before moving on to the rest of your home. This can help you be both effective and efficient and take back your home room by room. 


Make swift decisions about objects


It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when facing the purge stage of cleaning. Many things that you uncover may have sentimental value and be difficult to get rid of. That’s why setting up piles ahead of time can be a huge time-saver. Create “keep”, “donate”, “sell” and “store” piles and aim to make swift decisions about each object you touch. This will help you move quickly through the room and give you a system for organizing once you finish sorting everything.


Donate items you have never used


It’s hard to get rid of things in our homes, especially if we have not used them at all. These items often sit for long periods of time collecting dust and taking up space. If something has been sitting for an extended amount of time, it’s likely you may never use it. Consider donating or throwing away these items to make room for what you actually use.


Throw away multiples


Sometimes we find ourselves at the store buying something not knowing we already have one at home. Having multiples is normal but can lead to excess clutter. If you are cleaning a room and stumble upon three of the same books or a few of the same water pitchers, you may want to simplify down to one. 


Reward yourself after cleaning a room with hoarding evidence


Perhaps the most important tip to remember is that hoarding happens, and you should reward yourself when completing a project. Whether that means getting a manicure after you finish a room or reward yourself with an upgraded appliance for the kitchen once the countertops are clear, this can help motivate you to finish the project.


Now that we are spending so much more time at home than ever before, it’s vital to have a safe and clean space. While taking advantage of these tips and tricks can help with mild hoarding situations, it’s important to know that compulsive hoarding cannot simply be solved by cleaning out the home. According to the IOCDF, compulsive hoarding can be treated and during treatment it’s vital to develop a plan to prevent future clutter.


Our team understands how important it is to be sensitive and professional when cleaning up after hoarding. Our team of experts can come in and provide professional assistance with discretion and care. Make your home a comfortable, manageable place to live again without the risk of hidden dangers beneath the clutter. If you or someone you know needs help cleaning a hoarding situation in Louisiana, call Xtreme Cleaners at (800) 524-9591.