can improper covid 19 cleaning poison you?

Can Improper COVID-19 Cleaning Poison You?

can improper covid 19 cleaning poison you?

Can Improper COVID-19 Cleaning Poison You?

When the coronavirus pandemic began shutting American cities and states down, people panicked. The need to purchase as many groceries as possible and clean every surface became at the top of everyone’s mind.  What no one seemed to wonder is – are we using these products how we should, or do I need to work with an COVID-19 cleaning service?

With a massive hit on the supply chain, a lot of the top cleaning products are selling out. Because of this, people are forced to buy substitutes – some they recognize, and some they don’t. Cleaning up after someone infected with a virus is not something the average person can or knows how to do.  

While housekeeping services are common and widely used, most people don’t know that working with a biohazard cleaning company might be your best option when cleaning up after COVID-19. Some of the cleaning and disinfecting you can do on your own with a few tips. But, when there is an unexpected death due to the virus or a contaminated person living in shared spaces, it’s critical to work with a trusted biohazard cleaning expert.

What are the dangers of improperly using cleaning products?

According to Bloomberg, calls to state and local poison control centers tied to cleaners and disinfectants rose 20% in the first quarter of 2020. This is directly related to the coronavirus pandemic. Among the calls to the CDC, many were complaining of shortness of breath, dizziness, and vomiting. Improperly using cleaning products can be extremely dangerous and could result in poisoning. Adding an abundance of cleaning products to your home in the reach of young children could also be hazardous. 

While it’s important to keep a clean home, it’s also essential to know how to use those products. If you need a deeper clean or are dealing with an unexpected death due to the virus, it’s vital to work with a professional. Biohazard cleanup companies are experts in handling and cleaning up after a death and disinfecting areas contaminated by the virus.

Top cleaning tips to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Louisiana Tech’s Environmental, Health, and Safety department took a deep dive into proper cleaning and disinfecting techniques. Not only did they research the effective chemicals available to them, they also looked into alternatives should these become unavailable. Most people don’t have the resources Louisiana Tech had. That’s where professional cleaning services and education on cleaning procedures comes in handy.

The CDC recommends first cleaning visibly dirty surfaces and then disinfecting them as a best practice for preventing COVID-19. They also break down the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. “Cleaning refers to the removal of germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces. Disinfecting refers to using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces”.

The best and arguably most important tip might seem the most obvious. Make sure to read and follow all the instructions on the label. Manufacturers know their products better than anyone and always put “how to” instructions directly on the label. If the product is old or the label is worn off do your homework online and look for their recommendations. 

Another key tip is to clean and disinfect areas that are frequently touched like doorknobs, tables and chairs, and remote controls. If you are using gloves, make sure to use a new pair each time. Some might think these things are common sense, but when people are in a panic or rushing, they often become forgetful.   

Melaleuca recommends some cleaning products to kill germs without putting your family at risk. But if you don’t have access to these, have a much larger space then you can handle, or just need help – professional cleaners are your best bet. 

Why work with a professional cleaning surface

In cases where a COVID-19 death or infection occurs, it is time to work with a professional. Biohazard cleanup companies are experts in the right types of chemicals to use. They will also advise how long the space should remain vacant after cleaning until it’s safe. In addition, these companies are trained in decontaminating a space and handling human remains. 

Improperly cleaning areas or incorrectly handling cleaning supplies can result in poisoning yourself. It’s important to have a professional company deeply clean the areas that may be infected. If you or someone you know needs help cleaning due to a COVID-19 related death or contaminated space, call Xtreme Cleaners at (800) 524-9591.