Crime and Safety Tips to Follow this Holiday Season

The end of every year may be known for bringing holiday cheer, bright lights, and festive decorations, but the holiday season is also known for something unpleasant, a rise in crime. While it may feel easier to focus on the peaceful moments and beautiful things, it’s important not to let your guard down completely and fall victim to some of the most common holiday crimes. From identity theft and robbery to domestic violence and DWI’s, the rise in crimes every December is something to pay attention to. Here are some important crime and safety tips to follow this holiday season so you stay safe and alert.


Secure your home when you are going away


With nearly 47% of Americans traveling this holiday season, November through December is one of the busiest times of year for homes to be vacant. Regardless of if you are planning on traveling this year for a single day or an extended period, you’ll want to deter burglars by following a few safety tips. First, you’ll want to secure all your windows and ensure none are left ajar. Another great tip is to bring any spare keys you typically leave outside, inside the home or leave them with a loved one. Finally, invest in a home security system, or if you already have one installed, make sure the batteries are fully charged before you pack up to leave.


Practice safe driving, especially on NYE


Because the roads tend to be more crowded in November and December, Louisiana State Police encourage all motorists to carve out time to safely plan for holiday travel before they hit the road. Some of their suggestions include planning to leave a day or two before the holiday to avoid the rush and ensuring that you have the proper equipment in the car to provide any vehicle maintenance you may need like fixing a flat tire or jumping a car with a tired battery.


Another thing to remember is that New Year’s Eve is notorious for being the worst time of year to be behind the wheel of the car. states that there are 71% more crashes with drugs or alcohol as a contributing factor between December 31st at 6pm and January 1st at 6am when compared to an average weekend night. If you are planning on driving this New Year’s, it’s important that you stay sober and extra alert.


Track all your packages


Online shopping is at an all-time high and it’s never been easier to check off your entire Christmas list from the comfort of your couch. As your packages arrive, you may be tracking and anticipating them, but it only takes a few seconds for the Grinch to steal them straight from your porch. The Baton Rouge Police Department recommends that you save your tracking number and constantly check for delivery updates to help avoid theft. If you can plan to be home when it is expected to arrive that would be ideal, but if not, asking a trustworthy neighbor to take it inside is always a good backup plan.


Get professional help if your home becomes the scene of a crime


Even if you are doing your due diligence to stay safe and vigilant this holiday season, crime still happens, and you may find yourself in an unfortunate situation. If your home becomes the scene of a crime, it’s important that you seek help from a professional biohazard cleanup company. 


Companies like Xtreme Cleaners are experts in handling the cleanup of hazardous chemicals associated with crime scenes like methamphetamine labs, MRSA outbreaks, fingerprint dust, debris, broken glass, pepper gas, tear gas or a myriad of other disasters. If you or someone you know needs help cleaning a crime scene in Louisiana, give us a call today at 800-524-9591.