Dangers of Cleaning Blood Spills

Dangers of Cleaning Blood Spills

When an accident happens inside a home, it’s natural to jump into action and begin cleaning, but there are certain times where it may be safer to leave it to the professionals. In instances where an accidental death or crime scene occurred, there may be blood spills to be cleaned and a lot goes into cleaning these. The tricky thing about cleaning blood is that it has a tendency to seep deep into fabrics and hide in undetected places which can pose risks for you and your family. Below is a quick guide to the dangers and hazards of cleaning up blood.


Blood can carry harmful blood-borne pathogens


The health risks of cleaning and being exposed to blood and bodily fluids can be incredibly dangerous. Blood can carry unsafe pathogens like HIV, Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B which can be spread if handled incorrectly. In fact, according to the CDC, body fluids, including blood, feces, and vomit are all considered potentially contaminated with bloodborne pathogens or other germs even if you think they may be safe.


If you are cleaning after a severe accident, crime scene, or accidental death you may be unknowingly exposing yourself to these pathogens. Because of these hazards, you’ll notice that at hospitals and doctors’ offices healthcare professionals are meticulous when it comes to washing their hands and wearing disposable gloves, masks, and gowns and it’s important that those cleaning up blood at home are just as cautious.


Blood spills can be hard to detect


Since blood spills don’t typically happen in a concentrated area alone, blood tends to spread to hard-to-reach and often undetected areas. Additionally, because it is a liquid, blood is known to seep into porous materials and fabrics like furniture, drapes, carpets, and more. Blood can also flow under tile by trickling through porous grout.  This means that even if you are thorough in cleaning, you may unknowingly miss a spot, and this can leave an unsafe exposure for others who come behind you. Absorbent materials are some of the most difficult to clean, which is why professional cleaners are well-versed in how to properly sanitize and disinfect all areas and hard-to-clean surfaces.


Not everyone has the proper equipment and supplies to clean blood


To avoid being exposed to bloodborne pathogens there are certain cleaning supplies and equipment needed that every professional cleaning company will come equipped with. While you may have some of the necessary cleaning supplies in your home, most people do not have everything that is needed for a thorough and safe clean. These include personal protective equipment like disposable gloves, face masks, and eye protection; sanitizing agents and disinfectants; and appropriate detergents and rags / towels.


Cleaning blood can be an emotional task


Blood spills that occur due to some sort of trauma and cleaning up after trauma can be an incredibly emotional job, especially if it is your home and/or happened to someone you know. It can be difficult to do any job thoroughly while under stress or emotional duress and therefore you may miss something in the process or not be as safe / meticulous as you normally would. Professional cleaning companies are unbiased, which makes them well-positioned to clean carefully and completely.


Why professional cleaners should be handling blood spills


Did you know that blood is technically considered medical waste and can not be thrown in the regular trash or dumpster? Instead, it must be treated with an EPA approved disinfectant and disposed of in red bio bags and then boxed up as medical waste. A disposal destruction manifest must be created to track the blood/OPIM that are considered medical waste. Because of this meticulous regulation on the cleaning of blood, professional biohazard remediation cleaning companies are ideal for handling the clean-up.


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