Do Biohazard Cleaners Remove Foul Odors?

Do Biohazard Cleaners Remove Foul Odors?

When your home has been the scene of a crime or accident, the experience can be incredibly overwhelming. Beyond the emotional toll of the incident, many homeowners may not realize that the responsibility for cleaning and disinfecting the space falls on them and if not handled with care these hazards can be extremely dangerous. These incidents often leave behind both detectable and indetectable contaminants ranging from strong, foul odors and blood stains to clear bodily fluids and lingering chemicals and are best handled by professional biohazard cleaners.

What is the role of a biohazard cleanup company?

Biohazard cleanup is essential for ensuring the health and safety of anyone who may encounter a contaminated space. Professionals that specialize in biohazard cleanup possess the expertise, skills, proper equipment, and sensitivity to handle any job effectively and efficiently. Not only are they trained to disinfect and decontaminate, but they also work thoroughly and quickly to restore a space to its original condition.

Sources of foul smells 

As part of their process, biohazard cleaners remove foul odors. To understand their process for eliminating offensive odors, it’s important to understand where these originate. Typically, strong odors found in biohazard situations come from decomposition, blood and bodily fluids, feces and infestations, and chemical spills. Since biohazard pollutants carry many microorganisms which can pose a threat to your health, cleaning and disinfection should be left to professionals.

How exactly do professionals eliminate foul smells?

Professionals who work at biohazard cleaning companies undergo extensive training and have very specific processes, procedures, equipment, and gear. When first assessing a scene, cleaners identify the source of the odor which helps to inform the type of cleaning and deodorizing methods necessary. They work to thoroughly remove visible contaminants to ensure the smell does not persist and deep clean and disinfect the area. 

Biohazard cleaners then use specialized cleaning agents to break down organic matter and neutralize harmful pathogens and then deploy deodorization techniques to neutralize the odor that is appropriate for the specific situation. Depending on the factors at play, the cleaner may also choose to utilize High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters in air scrubbers or ozone generators to remove any airborne particles which contribute to strong, foul odors.

Professional biohazard cleanup in Louisiana

While removing stale or foul smells from your home can often be done through ventilating a space, bringing in fresh air, and using basic cleaning supplies, these methods are likely not sufficient when there are hazards present. Rather than trying to remove an odor after a tragedy on your own, it’s important that you rely on a professional cleanup company to ensure the space is effectively decontaminated.

At Xtreme Cleaners, we are experts in restoring contaminated spaces and removing potential hazards and employ advanced deodorization techniques to ensure any traces of foul odors are removed. If you or someone you know needs help dealing with a biohazard situation in Louisiana, contact our team at (800) 524-9591 to learn more about our biohazard cleanup services and how we ensure your premises is free of offensive odors.