Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Blood and Trauma Cleanup?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Blood and Trauma Cleanup?

When it comes to dealing with traumatic incidents, such as accidents, suicides, or crime scenes, one aspect that often gets overlooked is the cleanup and restoration process that follows. Blood and trauma cleanup services play a vital role in restoring the affected areas to their previous state, alleviating the burden and potential health risks associated with these tragic events.

Blood can be a hazardous material, carrying potential biohazards and pathogens that can pose serious health risks to humans. It’s important to understand that blood and bodily fluids can transmit various diseases, including HIV, hepatitis B and C, as well as other infectious diseases. Therefore, it is crucial to have professionals who are equipped with the right tools, knowledge, and expertise to handle such situations effectively.

Keep reading to learn more on what to do if you have to clean blood or a traumatic event from your home, and whether or not homeowners insurance will cover it.

What To Do If You Have Blood or Trauma in Your Home

Accidents happen unexpectedly, and dealing with the aftermath of blood or trauma in your home can be a distressing experience. However, there are three essential steps you can take to ensure the situation is properly handled.

1. Prioritize Your Safety

It is crucial to wear protective gear such as gloves and a mask before engaging with any potentially contaminated area. This will minimize the risk of potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens and pathogens associated with trauma.

2. Contact a Professional Cleaning Service

Experienced and well-equipped professionals, like Xtreme Cleaners, have the necessary expertise to sanitize and restore your home to its pre-accident condition. Trusted companies employ specialized cleaning techniques and follow industry standards to ensure the effective removal of blood stains, odors, and potential biohazards.

3. Cooperate Fully

Once the professionals have arrived, it is essential to cooperate fully. They will conduct a thorough assessment of the affected areas and develop a detailed plan for cleaning and sanitizing your home. By following their instructions and advice, you can ensure the complete restoration of your living space.

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Blood and Trauma Cleanup?

Yes, most homeowners insurance policies will cover blood and trauma cleanup. If you’re dealing with this situation, it’s best to contact a professional, experienced biohazard remediation firm that is familiar with insurance regulations and can handle the claim’s process for you.

What does the claim process look like?

When facing unexpected damages or accidents in our homes or businesses, often our first instinct is to panic. Finding a remediation company that can handle the insurance claim’s process from start to finish, will leave you time to grieve. The first step is locating your policy.  Having access to your policy will help the remediation company clarify any doubts or confusion you may have about what is covered and what is not. This knowledge is crucial in determining what steps you need to take and what expenses will be covered by your insurance. They may contact your agent and should file the claim for you. 

Document the Cleanup Process

During the cleanup, the company should document the entire process with photographs, videos, and detailed descriptions for you. It is crucial to properly document the before, during and after conditions, as well as any items or materials disposed of during the cleanup. This evidence will serve as a record of the work done and will support your claim.

Submit Your Claim

Once the cleanup is complete, the company may ask for assistance in gathering necessary documentation relating to the cleanup process, expenses incurred, and any official reports from law enforcement or medical professionals. Once these documents are compiled the company should submit them to your insurance provider following their specific claim submission guidelines. All relevant invoices, receipts, and any estimates or quotes provided by all contractors should be submitted to the insurance company.  While the job may be complete, any reputable cleaning company will continue the claims process following up with the adjuster on your behalf until all parties are paid.

How Xtreme Cleaners Can Help

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