Health Risks of Cleaning Biohazards Without Training

Health Risks of Cleaning Biohazards Without Training

Did you know that certain biohazards like blood, human waste, and microbiological waste are among the most dangerous substances to clean? This is due to the fact that health hazards posed by biohazards can be serious if not handled properly. More often than not, dangerous pathogens are naked to the human eye, which makes the disinfection process challenging for anyone who is inexperienced with cleaning biohazardous waste. To avoid risking your health or the health of your friends and family, it’s important that you hire a professional biohazard cleaning company before attempting to clean and disinfect yourself. 

Bloodborne pathogens can be dangerous if handled incorrectly

Blood spills are among the most common biohazards found in crime scenes and when there is a serious accident. When blood becomes contaminated with bloodborne pathogens like HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, etc., it is a hazardous material. Since these pathogens are unable to be spotted by the naked eye, it’s incredibly important that any blood found outside of the body is handled with extreme care and caution.

Exposure to infectious diseases

Infectious diseases are another example of biological hazards that can be spread easily through untrained cleaning. If proper infection prevention and control measures are not implemented when cleaning and decontaminating a space, OSHA states that it is easy to become exposed to a wide range of infectious diseases from seasonal and pandemic influenza and norovirus to Ebola, tuberculosis, and more.

Accidental exposure due to lack of training

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, most households are likely to have some PPE at home including face masks and/or latex gloves. While these are great for helping to minimize your exposure to hazardous materials, very few people have the proper PPE (personal protective equipment) on hand or training to clean a space that is contaminated. 

If you were to encounter hazardous materials like blood, bodily fluids, animal waste, and/or microbiological waste without the right PPE you could run the risk of contaminants posing a threat to your health and wellbeing. Professional biohazard cleanup companies are experts on assessing a space / situation and selecting the type of PPE that is necessary, so that their team is safe and secure when cleaning and decontaminating. 

When to hire a biohazard cleanup company

At Xtreme Cleaners we are proud to be a professional biohazard cleanup company with a team of experts who are specifically trained in cleaning, handling, and properly disinfecting contaminated spaces. We work quickly and efficiently as soon as we enter a contaminated space so we can efficiently clean and disinfect a room or area. We know crimes are on the rise in Louisiana and accidents can happen at any time which is why we are available 24/7 to provide families the support they need after a traumatic event.