House Cleaning VS Xtreme Cleaners: What’s the Difference?

Cleaning services are very popular and widely used. They usually involve people who clean up around the house, do the laundry, wash dishes, and disinfect items in the home. While many of these services are highly beneficial and necessary, they are significantly different from an extreme cleaning and biohazard cleanup service. There is a common misconception that extreme cleaning services are essentially a service to make your house ‘extremely’ clean. The truth is that services performed by extreme cleaners differ vastly from those of a maid or housekeeping service. Extreme cleaners execute services that require very specific knowledge and techniques from trained professionals. 

What A Biohazard Cleanup Company Does

When people think of a crime scene and what goes into returning the scene to normalcy, a couple of images flash through our minds. We think about the roles of police officers, detectives, funeral homes, and finally, the coroners or medical examiners. However, none of these services are responsible for the remediation of the scene. This is where a biohazard cleanup company comes in. Whether there is a large blood spill, brain matter, bodily fluids, or remnants of illegal activities such as a meth lab operation, biohazard cleanup companies are responsible for cleaning up the mess.

How Biohazard Cleanup Companies Carry Out Tasks

Biohazard cleanup companies fulfill these difficult duties through a team of trained technicians. The technicians are trained to comply with OSHA standards for bodily fluid and blood cleanups. They have to understand how the human body works and what compounds make up bodily fluids in order to remediate them from crime scenes. They have to be aware of and prepared for the possible biological contamination within these sites due to the potential pathogens that may be present in the blood of the subject. This can include HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and OPIM’s (Other Potentially Infectious Materials.)

The Human Aspect of Biohazard Cleanup

Maids and typical house cleaning services are not legally allowed nor equipped to deal with the full range of tasks that a biohazard cleanup company is trained to do. In addition to the necessary biological knowledge and expertise needed to successfully decontaminate a site, these cleanup teams are highly trained in the human aspect of the work. 

The personal component of biohazard cleanup is very important in this line of work. Oftentimes, a family or group of people who are at the center of the crime scene or trauma site are going through unimaginable difficulties. This is why biohazard cleanup professionals are trained by psychologists to understand what they are experiencing and to deal with the situation with care and compassion. 

Additional Responsibilities of Biohazard Cleanup Professionals

In addition to dealing with crime scenes, unattended death scenes or areas where trauma has occurred, those affected by hoarding, the presence of drugs may also seek out a biohazard cleanup company. Cleanup professionals are trained to deal with both the biological and interpersonal aspects of hoarding, gross filth and meth lab cleanups. Those who have been living in a house or building for years and find out that their home was once used as a drug manufacturing site or meth lab are likely to have many concerns. Living in a place with such contaminants can lead to respiratory problems, chemical poisonings, increased risk of explosions and fire, skin reactions, migraines, and, in cases of prolonged exposure, death. For cases as serious as these, it is absolutely vital to have trusted and experienced biohazard cleanup experts at your service. 

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