How to Handle A Suicide Cleanup

Happening upon a sudden death is an incredibly traumatic experience and if the death is due to a suicide it can be even more emotional. Shock and grief will likely set in almost immediately and knowing what to do next can feel incredibly overwhelming and far out of reach. While it may feel natural to jump right into action cleaning the space after the body is gone, it’s important to understand there may be some potential hazards left behind and these scenes should be handled by trained suicide cleanup professionals. 

Who is responsible for the suicide cleanup?

Once you call in the suicide to 911, law enforcement is dispatched to the scene to assist any way they can. Many people believe that it is the police officer, paramedic, or firefighters’ responsibility to clean after the body is gone, but it is actually up to the owner of the property. If it is your home, you are left with an overwhelming and potentially dangerous situation that should be handled with meticulous care so you can safely return.

Why should you bring in professionals?

It’s important that you leave the cleaning of a space where someone tragically passed  to professional companies. Professional biohazard cleaning companies are trained in handling a wide variety of traumatic situations and scenes like a suicide. These companies employ licensed and skilled technicians who are fully prepared to service these types of situations. Specialists at companies like Xtreme Cleaners are trained to comply with the OSHA standards for blood and body fluid cleanup so they can decontaminate your space safely.

A secondary reason why a professional should handle a suicide situation is, most biohazard remediation companies have contacts at all major insurance companies and can get the cost of the cleanup covered under a homeowner’s or full-coverage auto insurance policy.  They should even be able to get all repairs covered.

What are the potential dangers?

When someone dies, there are potential health risks left behind from the trauma of that death. Whether it’s blood spatter that is visible or potential body fluids that have gone unnoticed, the hazards are very real and can be very dangerous. Blood that is contaminated with blood borne pathogens is a hazardous material. Regardless of if this blood has dried or not, it may be contaminated with diseases like HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, viral hemorrhagic fevers, and more. Because of the risk associated with cleaning blood, it’s best to leave the hassle to a company that knows what to do and follows the proper guidelines.

Another hazard you may encounter after a suicide is the spattering of blood or body fluids. Many times, these are not confined to a small area and even with a thorough cleaning can be laying unobserved nearby. Biohazard cleaners are meticulous and follow strict procedures to properly decontaminate a space so you can return safely. With suicide as the tenth leading cause of death overall in the United States, companies who are trained in this type of cleanup are experts in doing so with the utmost respect and care.

Xtreme Cleaners can help

At Xtreme Cleaners, we specialize in providing discreet and thorough biohazard remediation cleaning services throughout Louisiana. Our team understands the importance of safely and effectively handling sensitive situations, which is why we provide immediate assistance with discretion and care. If you or someone you know needs help cleaning a contaminated space, give us a call at (800) 524-9591.