How to Manage the Cost of a Funeral

The loss of a loved one is incredibly traumatic and having to plan and finance a funeral can be overwhelming to say the least. While some people set money aside and make a plan for their funeral prior to passing away, this isn’t as common as you’d think. It’s also important to note that even if funeral costs are mentioned in the will, they may not be as readily available as they need to work their way through probate. The AARP states that the median cost of a traditional funeral is $7,500 which can be an unbearable cost so it’s important to know a few ways to help manage the cost of a funeral.

Research the cost of funeral homes ahead of time

According to the Federal Trade Commission, funeral homes are required to disclose the prices of their services up front. With this level of transparency, you can feel more confident going into the decision-making process by knowing the numbers ahead of time. If you aren’t set on a specific funeral home, this can help you narrow down the choices by what you can realistically afford.

If you’re looking to host a funeral in a space outside of a funeral home like your own home or a community space, it’s important to look up the laws of your state. For instance, in Louisiana, home funerals are restricted and the involvement of a licensed funeral director in many aspects of final arrangements is required. Because of this, it’s even more critical to shop around and ensure you are working with a licensed funeral director if you live in Louisiana.

Shop around for expensive goods

If your budget is tight, keep in mind that you can likely buy some of the expenses at other stores rather than directly through your funeral home. Things like caskets and urns are often sold at reasonable costs from major retailers like Costco and can help you save overall. While funeral homes do tend to offer packages, it’s important to know that you can still mix and match the services and goods you’d like to buy for the funeral based on your personal preference and budget.

Prioritize the elements that mean the most to you

Like all events, there are plenty of add-ons you can choose to include in a funeral. While elements like music, flowers, obituaries, food, programs, guest books, and a celebrant can all be beautiful touches to a service, when combined they tend to add up. Rather than throwing your budgetary concerns out the window, you may want to consider prioritizing which of these mean the most to you and your loved one. Make a list of what matters most and use that as your guide along with your budget to help you navigate the cost of a funeral.

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