Prevent the Spread of Infectious Diseases

With the current news about the coronavirus reaching the United States, people are worrying about transmittal and how to avoid exposure. The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) recommends washing hands often, and avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. 

Infectious diseases include the coronavirus, staph, Ebola, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, MRSA, rotavirus and whooping cough. Some of these diseases have declined in number of cases due to vaccinations, but they are still very present throughout the state of Louisiana. For instance, the Louisiana Department of Health reported the pneumococcal disease at a rate of 13.55 per 100,000 population and Grant reported a rate of 12.52 per 100,000 during the years of 2010-2018.

Do Household Cleaners Work on Infectious Diseases?

Pathogens are invisible to the naked eye, but if someone has been infected in the area, a professional biohazard remediation company should be contacted to decontaminate the space. Viruses and bacteria can be airborne, so surfaces and items need to be decontaminated properly. An infectious disease or biohazard clean up requires more than applying simple household cleaners. The remediation company can effectively stop the spread of the disease by using specially designed cleaning agents and following strict procedures.

How to Keep Your Space Free from Contamination

Good health practices can help avoid transmission of some minor diseases, so if you’re running a medical facility that deals with diseases, how do you ensure your building stays uncontaminated?

  1. Establish cleaning schedules for your custodial staff.
  2. Place soiled disposable items such as paper towels, disposable cleaning items, and gloves in bags that are sealed and disposed of daily.
  3. Store clean items such as equipment, supplies, and clothing, in separate storage areas from soiled items.
  4. Do not eat or drink in work areas.
  5. Pay special attention to the cleanup of blood and bodily fluid spills.

Dispose of Supplies Properly to Avoid Contamination

The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) require households and businesses to dispose of medical waste according to OSHA regulations. Packages must be tightly closed and wrapped in leakproof containers. It’s imperative that proper procedures are followed.

If you’re dealing with a highly infectious disease, call in a professional cleaning service to decontaminate your business or home. Ensure that people entering your facility or house are free from contamination and rest easy that the space has been cleaned correctly.