The Aftermath Of A Sudden Unexpected Death

The Aftermath Of A Sudden Unexpected Death

The Aftermath Of A Sudden Unexpected Death

The Aftermath Of A Sudden Unexpected Death

The shock of having to deal with a sudden unexpected death can be incredibly traumatizing. There is no way to mentally or physically prepare for this difficult time and it can feel overwhelming to have to handle the aftermath. It’s important to make funeral arrangements, and call loved ones directly following a death. In addition, if the death happened at home, the space may be contaminated with blood, bodily fluids, and occasionally even property damage and will need to be cleaned as soon as possible.

When you find yourself dealing with the burden of having to clean an unexpected death, calling in professional cleaners like Xtreme Cleaning is vital. It’s important to bring in a company that understands the difficulty of your situation and is caring and compassionate. This time is already difficult enough, the company you choose should swiftly and sensitively get your home back in order.

How do professional companies handle an unexpected death?

There are many parts of the home and space that are important to handle with extreme care during cleaning. The cleanup of a sudden unexpected death includes removing, cleaning, and disinfecting of blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially harmful pathogens. Regardless of if the death occurred due to natural causes or not, this specialty service is crucial in removing the exposure risk to blood-borne pathogens found at the scene. 

Professional companies who handle body and blood cleanup need to have proper training, equipment, insurance, and certification. They have specific death scene cleanup training so they will take care of everything efficiently.

Handling homicide cleaning 

A homicide is an exceedingly difficult situation to both grasp and clean. The first and most important step in handling homicide cleaning is to ensure everyone follows the advice of authorities. Once the crime scene is cleared for cleaning, professional companies will come in and work swiftly and respectfully. Any company that offers crime cleanup services is required to be recognized by OSHA, NIOSH, or DOT. 

In addition to cleaning crime scenes following proper protocol, bioremediation companies are experts properly handling any evidence they discover. If they uncover any additional evidence, the cleaning technicians turn it over to the police for the investigation. 

Focus on coping 

In addition to cleaning the scene, there are many other important things you need to focus on. Finances are a necessary part of death that can be incredibly stressful.  When you work with a professional cleaning company, it’s comforting to know their team deals directly with your insurance. A professional, remediation company will handle the filing of the claim with your insurance company and thoroughly walk the claim through with the adjuster.  This allows you to focus on important things like making burial arrangements, notifying family and friends and grieving. When you have to deal with a death, it’s essential to give yourself time and space to cope. 

At Xtreme Cleaners, we know that the unexpected death of a friend or family member is devastating. It is our mission to do everything possible to clean the scene quickly and discreetly. Our technicians clean, decontaminate, remove & properly disposal of all potentially infectious materials and restore the scene back to its original condition. If you or someone you know needs help cleaning an unexpected death scene in Louisiana, call us at (800) 524-9591.