The Dangers of Cleaning Blood Yourself

The Dangers of Cleaning Blood Yourself

The Dangers of Cleaning Blood Yourself

The Dangers of Cleaning Blood Yourself

If there was recently an accident or an injury in your home that caused a blood spill, you may need to think quickly about how to clean it. While normally cleaning your home is no big deal, when it comes to bodily fluids you need to be extremely careful. According to the CDC, cleaning up blood can be potentially dangerous if not done correctly. Working with a bioremediation company to clean and sanitize an area that has been exposed to blood can give you peace of mind and protect you from any potential dangers.


Contaminated blood can be hazardous


Blood is a bodily fluid that delivers necessary substances to your body’s cells such as nutrients and oxygens. Unfortunately, blood can become contaminated with bloodborne pathogens turning healthy blood into a hazard. The most common types of bloodborne pathogens are HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers. Because these pathogens are invisible to the human eye, it’s best to have a professional bioremediation cleaning company clean the area.   


Often blood is not only in a small area


Accidents happen and with bloodshed, small droplets of blood can go further than you expect. This is why cleaning as soon as possible can help prevent deeper contamination. If you try to clean an area yourself, it will be very difficult to ensure you’re catching every drop. Professional cleaners receive training in properly cleaning blood, bloodborne pathogens and handling exposed items. They know where to look for drops of blood and are extremely thorough in their cleaning methods.


Proper sanitation can be tricky


Because there are so many risks involved in cleaning up blood, sanitation is key. Bioremediation cleaners are also experts in blood sanitation and work diligently to restore the safety of infected areas. Unprotected contact without safety equipment can lead to potential health risks. That’s why properly disposing items when dealing with these jobs is important and should be left to the professionals.


You may not have the correct personal protective equipment


A simple nose bleed or scrape can be easy to clean but you should handle large blood spills with care. Wearing the correct PPE when cleaning up blood is incredibly important to protecting you from any dangers. Gloves and masks can be helpful when cleaning, but professional bioremediation cleaning companies have the knowledge and skill to handle these extreme cases. With the right protective equipment, they clean and sanitize your space without the risk of harming anyone in the process.


Correct disposal is paramount


Throwing away a bloody tissue in your garbage may not be a big deal. Alternatively, when cleaning large blood spills, you need to be incredibly careful when disposing cleaning agents. Just because the area is clean and sanitized doesn’t mean the blood is no longer a hazard. Disposing correctly can ensure there are no more risks. This process can be done effectively and efficiently by a professional bioremediation cleaning company.


The blood cleanup professionals at Xtreme Cleaners are licensed experts in blood cleaning and biohazard remediation resulting from death, accidents or communicable disease outbreaks. If you or someone you know in Louisiana needs assistance cleaning a large blood spill, call us at (800) 524-9591.