The Four Levels of Hazmat Protection

Many people have heard the terms biohazard and hazmat, and most know that these refer to dangerous substances that should be avoided, but did you know that in addition to the classes of hazmat materials, there are four levels of hazmat protection? These levels are used to protect anyone who comes into contact with a hazardous material and range from typical construction site gear to full physical isolation and vapor protection. Known as the hazmat protection levels, keep reading for a detailed description of the four levels and what they protect against. 

Level A

OSHA has identified the four HAZMAT worker protection levels by the letters A, B, C, and D. The most extensive coverage for protection is level A as it completely isolates your body in addition to offering respiratory protection. Level A protection includes a vapor protection suit as well as a full-face self-contained breathing apparatus, chemical resistant gloves, chemical resistant safety boots, and two-way radio communication. People that use this level of protection are often specialists highly trained in safely handling hazards.

Level B

The next step down, level B, is only a slightly less intensive level of protection which still includes a full body suit but without protection against vapors. Similar to level A, this level is often reserved for professionals that come in contact with hazards often at work and those with highly specialized training. Level B protection can be ideal for scenarios involving flammable gasses or flammable liquids and therefore the protection must be robust and dependable.

Level C

A step above the lowest hazmat protection, level C is the standard level for most workers who handle hazardous materials in non-emergency situations. This level requires a full facepiece including an air-purifying, canister-equipped respirator, as well as safety boots, chemical-resistant gloves, a two-way communications system, and a hard hat.

Level D

The most basic level of protection is level D, which includes typical construction site gear. Consisting of coveralls, safety boots, glasses, and a hard hat, this level is reserved for anyone who may encounter hazardous materials, but the chances are relatively small. Training often associated with those who use level D hazmat protection is basic and requires an understanding of what hazardous materials are and the situations and locations where they are most often found.

Hazmat protection used by biohazard cleanup companies

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