Top Dangers of Meth Labs

Top Dangers of Meth Labs

Since almost one million Americans are addicted to methamphetamine, meth labs are more common than one would hope. Not all meth labs are designed the same and while some are large and produce massive quantities of the illegal drug, others are simply small areas of a kitchen or bathroom in a residential property. Regardless of the size of the space and materials used, all meth labs are extremely dangerous and should be handled with tremendous care. While many people know that these labs are dangerous, the reason why is often a mystery, so we put together the list of top dangers you’ll find in a meth lab below.


Hazards found in meth labs can be undetectable


While many dangers found in meth houses and meth labs may be clearly visible, others can be undetectable at first glance. This means that the danger could still be present even if you don’t physically see anything of concern. Since one pound of meth produces six pounds of toxic waste, you can imagine that these hazards can spread far and wide and the sooner you work with a professionally trained company to clean and decontaminate any suspected meth lab, the better.


Toxins can be harmful to your health


Due to the hazardous chemicals created during meth production, the vapors created are known to attack the mucous membranes of the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract of nearby individuals. Exposure to meth is known to increase the risk of nausea, burns, dizziness, skin, and eye irritation according to Addiction Center, and oftentimes these chemicals can last well beyond the actual production of the drug. The toxins that are emitted when cooking meth and other illegal and hard drugs can be inhaled, ingested, and even absorbed through the skin.


Improper disposal can leave dangerous remnants


Depending on the method of disposal, some of these toxins may remain present, even after the surface was seemingly wiped clean. If the drug waste was dumped outside, burned, or poured down a drain it often results in soil, septic, and filtration contamination. This contamination could remain a hazard for quite a while, especially when water is concerned, and the areas will need to be tested and treated by a trained professional to ensure it is restored to safety.  


Get the professional help you need


If you have been told that the property you now reside in was once a meth lab or if you detect that it once was, it’s important to do your due diligence and have the area tested by a professionally trained company like Xtreme Cleaners. At Xtreme Cleaners we provide the labor, equipment, and technical safety expertise and experience in order to ensure that all decontamination activities are completely correctly and effectively. Following every decontamination project, our clients receive a complete report which documents all completed activities and is typically forwarded to any overseeing regulatory agency for release of the property.


If you or someone you know is in need of decontamination services for a suspected or confirmed meth lab, contact Xtreme Cleaners for professional meth lab cleaning services at 1-800-524-9591.