Turn a Hoarding Situation into a Livable Space

Turn a Hoarding Situation into a Livable Space

Turn a Hoarding Situation into a Livable Space

Turn a Hoarding Situation into a Livable Space

The COVID-19 pandemic made people around the world spend more time in their homes than ever before. The coronavirus is extremely contagious and has therefore illuminated the importance of cleaning and disinfecting. Xtreme Cleaners understands that when life becomes overwhelming it’s easy for things to get out of control. In stressful situations, the accumulation of garbage, clothes, food, and other items creates an unsafe hoarding situation

It’s key, both during a pandemic and in the aftermath of one, that deep cleaning is so important. With more time spent at home and a contagious virus, living in a safe, clean environment is vital and working with professional bioremediation cleaning services can help. Protect yourself and your home against potential contamination with a professional bioremediation cleaning company. 

Resurgence is Possible

As the state of Louisiana is opening up, the possibility of a COVID-19 resurgence is on everyone’s mind. What we do know is that until there is a vaccine there will still be a high risk. According to Johns Hopkins University, the virus can live on plastic surfaces for up to 72 hours. While cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces daily can be extremely effective, in a hoarding situation it might not be enough. 

If someone were to contract the virus and lives in a home with other family members or friends, it’s important to disinfect thoroughly. Alternatively, if someone contracts the virus and lives in a hoarding environment, it’s crucial to work with professional bioremediation cleaners. These cleaners understand the virus, are experts in dealing with extreme cleaning, and are trained in properly handling hoarding situations.

Possible Dangers of a Hoarding Situation

Compulsive hoarding happens over time and can feel incredibly overwhelming. Hoarding happens when a person collects and keeps a lot of things, these things clutter living spaces, and then they cause distress or problems in day-to-day activities. While it’s important to approach these situations with the utmost care and respect, it’s also important to understand the dangers of hoarding as they relate to physical safety. 

  • Biohazard Development: Specifically, with infectious diseases, the health risks of leaving debris around your home can be serious. Serious toxins and viruses like the Coronavirus and E. Coli can thrive in your house. Without deep cleaning and disinfecting, you could be at risk.
  • Escaping Can Be Difficult: With many items around the house that can ignite or fuel a fire and piles of things blocking windows and doors, escaping your home in an emergency can prove to be near impossible. 
  • Increase of Indoor Air Pollutants: Mold, mildew, carbon monoxide, and cigarette smoke are all examples of serious air impurities you can find in hoarding situations. If you are spending more time in your home than normal these could lead to serious health risks.
  • Rodents:  Rats and mice will most likely be present in a cluttered home.  Rats and mice spread over 35 diseases.  These diseases can be spread to humans directly & indirectly.  To eliminate rodents, the CDC recommends disposing of trash on a frequent and regular basis and eliminating clutter.

Bioremediation Cleaning is Important

When cleaning a hoarding environment, trained technicians understand the importance of eliminating unnecessary clutter and disinfecting. Besides preventing fire hazards, professional companies work to remove mildew, odors, and any rodent infestations they might find. Xtreme Cleaners has helped countless families throughout Louisiana with hoarding cleanup.

We help sort, sift, and compile all items found while cleaning so nothing gets thrown away without permission. We also help with reselling, recycling, and donating many of the items so the process feels manageable. Once the property is clean, our team of experts disinfect thoroughly in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. If you have questions about helping a friend or family member with hoarding or the basic attributes of hoarding, we covered this in our blog, what is hoarding. 

When you are spending so much time at home it’s important to have a safe and clean home. Our team understands hoarding can be uncomfortable and we are trained at providing professional assistance with discretion and care. Make your home a comfortable, manageable place to live and one you feel confident is clean and doesn’t pose any risk. If you or someone you know needs help cleaning a hoarding situation or contaminated space, call Xtreme Cleaners at (800) 524-9591.