What is a Hoarding Cleanup Service?

What is a Hoarding Cleanup Service?

Hoarding disorder is a complex condition characterized by the excessive acquisition of items and persistent difficulty discarding possessions. This leads to clutter that disrupts your living spaces’ intended use. Studies indicate 2% to 6% of the population suffers from hoarding disorder.

As clutter accumulates, it creates unhealthy and dangerous living conditions for you. Hoarding poses risks including infestations, fall hazards, poor sanitation, and home fires on your property. This is where professional hoarding cleanup services like Xtreme Cleaners’ come into play.

Comprehensive Services

Our hoarding cleanup crews provide a wide range of services to restore order and safety in your home, including:

Extensive Sorting and Organization

Crews meticulously sort through your belongings, separating trash from valuables and donations. We organize remaining items into neat categories so your spaces become fully functional and maintainable again. Even for extreme, long-term hoarding situations, we can handle it.

Large-Scale Junk Removal

Xtreme Cleaners provides bulk hauling services to clear enormous quantities of accumulated trash and debris from your hoarding-impacted property. We own trucks and roll-off dumpsters to facilitate major junk removal.

Biohazard Remediation

Biohazards like mold, bacteria, bodily fluids, and organic rot frequently accompany long-term, excessive clutter. Our licensed crews thoroughly clean, disinfect and deodorize your home to eradicate biohazards and restore safety.

Structural Repairs

Prolonged hoarding situations often damage structures via water leaks, floor degradation, pest destruction, etc. Our construction team handles necessary repairs like drywall patching, floor/subfloor replacement, carpentry, and more to restore your home’s integrity.

Step-By-Step Hoarding Cleanup Process

Xtreme Cleaners follows best practices for respectful, efficient hoarding cleanouts:

Initial Site Assessment

We first assess the full scope of clutter, damages, and biohazards on your property so we can plan sufficient labor, time, and equipment. This prevents underestimating jobs. Worried we don’t understand hoarding’s special sensitivities? Our specialist training ensures we handle your home with discretion.

Methodical Sorting and Removal

Your belongings undergo methodical sorting between keep, donate, recycle, and trash piles based on your wishes, followed by removal via our junk hauling services. We allow you to be present if desired but do not require it. We work extremely thoroughly yet sensitively.

Multi-Stage Cleaning and Sanitization

Our techs then perform deep cleaning, heavy-duty sanitizing, and deodorizing in stages depending on soiling severity. This systematically eliminates filth and restores healthy conditions in your home while taking all necessary protective measures.

Complete Structural Restoration

Next, our contractors fully repair all structural damage so your site regains integrity and becomes livable once more. We bring your property up to code when possible.

Preventative Clutter Education

Finally, we provide clutter prevention education to help you adopt organizational habits and maintain decluttered spaces long-term, understanding sensitivity is imperative when working with hoarding sufferers.

Why Professional Cleaning Assistance?

Seeking licensed professionals for hoarding cleanouts offers benefits compared to do-it-yourself attempts:

Health and Safety Expertise

Our extensive hazmat training and gear allows the safe removal of biohazards that homeowners cannot handle. We ensure your site meets legal health standards post-cleaning.

Hoarding-Specialist Experience

Having cleaned hundreds of hoarding sites over the years provides Xtreme Cleaners an in-depth understanding of appropriate sensitivities, organizing strategies, and repair methods. We know what works.

Large Crews and Equipment

Our ample resources, from 24-foot box trucks to 12-person crews, enable highly efficient clutter removal, cleaning, and restoration that individuals cannot match. We expedite the cleanup process considerably.

Reduced Frustration

The physical and emotional toll involved with cleaning severe hoarding clutter makes DIY attempts highly frustrating. Our services lift this burden so you avoid fatigue and anxiety. If you or a family member suffers from hoarding challenges, Xtreme Cleaners can transform your living spaces in a healthy, efficient, and judgment-free manner. Call 800-524-9591 or visit XtremeCleaners.com to request professional hoarding cleanup services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specifically does a hoarding cleanup service do?

Services like Xtreme Cleaners’ sort your clutter between keep/trash piles, haul debris, make repairs, clean biohazards, organize items, and provide education to transform your hazardous spaces into livable, maintained environments.

When are professional cleanups absolutely necessary?

Cleanups become essential when hoarding poses threats like fire hazards, blocked exits, falling dangers due to tripping risks, worsening health issues from contamination and poor sanitation, or lack of room functionality in your home.

What is the hoarding cleanup process like?

Xtreme Cleaners begins with an assessment of your needs, then methodically sorts/cleans/repairs/organizes over multiple visits while consulting you continuously about preferences so the process remains comfortable and sensitive. There are no time limits.

How can you ensure clutter won’t reaccumulate?

Preventing reaccumulation requires organizational systems, efficient storage, adopting maintenance habits like weekly donation drop-offs, and seeking psychotherapy or support groups to address emotional causes.

What certifications or training should cleaners have?

Reputable crews like Xtreme Cleaners maintain hazmat operations certifications for safe biohazard handling, hoarding-specialist training in clutter care, trauma-informed counseling education, and IICRC remediation certifications. These demonstrate proper qualifications.

Get Help From Xtreme Cleaners’ Hoarding Specialists

If you or loved ones struggle with hoarding disorder, contact Xtreme Cleaners at 800-524-9591 or visit our website to learn more about our professional clutter removal, biohazard cleaning, and restoration services focused on remediating hazardous hoarding situations throughout Louisiana. We operate with discretion and sensitivity.