When are Unsanitary Conditions Deemed Unlivable?

There are a few circumstances that can make your home go from safe to unlivable. Merriam-Webster defines uninhabitable as a place that is not safe or suitable to be lived in. Living in a space that has unsanitary conditions can be incredibly dangerous. While it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly when a space turns from safe to unsafe, it’s important to understand when it’s time to seek the help of professional cleaners. These specialists provide the labor, equipment, and technical safety expertise to ensure that all decontamination activities are completed correctly, giving you peace of mind and assurance that your home will be returned to a livable state.

What Types Of Hazards Can Make My Home Unlivable?

There are a few specific situations you may find yourself in that can make it so that your home is no longer safe to live in. These can happen gradually over time or in the blink of an eye. Crime scenes, accidental deaths, homicides, and suicides are all situations where professional help is necessary. You may be surprised to learn that first responders and funeral directors are not responsible for cleaning the space after the deceased is removed. Facilitating all cleaning of the space falls on the owner of the property and can most likely be covered by insurance. 

Excessive hoarding is another situation when you should call in professional cleaners. Years of filth and dirt add up and the hazards that lie hidden, in plain sight, can be dangerous for those who live in the home. Another circumstance where professional help is needed is for meth lab clean-up. Simply throwing away beakers and wiping down surfaces isn’t thorough enough to remove the threat that chemicals can leave behind.

When Do Unsanitary Conditions Turn Into Unsafe Ones?

The exact moment when a dirty home or space turns into a hazard can be hard to identify. While the terms unsanitary and uninhabitable are not interchangeable, there are a few examples of conditions that are important to seek outside help for. In hoarding situations, these include an extreme amount of animal feces and the excessive accumulation of garbage. Animal feces can be particularly dangerous, as some rodents and small animals carry infectious diseases that can make you incredibly sick. Excessive garbage may cause mold and decay, which over time can make the entire space a hazard.

Another example of unsanitary conditions is the excessive spillage of blood. If your home is the scene of a crime or an accident and there has been blood and/or bodily fluid spilled, you’ll want to call a professional cleaning company right away. Lastly, if your home was once the scene of a meth lab, you’ll want to get professionals that are trained in cleaning up drug labs. Chemicals used in cooking methamphetamine are extremely dangerous and a simple wipe down of surfaces is not sufficient in removing traces of unsafe substances. All of these conditions require assistance from professionally trained cleaning companies. 

When in doubt, you should call a biohazardous remediation cleaning company like Xtreme Cleaners. Whether you need an in-depth cleaning or an extreme sanitation of a single room, we can help. As experts in safely decontaminating spaces, we know what it takes to handle sensitive situations quickly, efficiently, and compassionately. If you or someone you know needs help cleaning a contaminated space in Louisiana, give us a call at (800) 524-9591.