Why You Should Leave Crime Scene Clean Up to the Professionals

Crime scenes happen in the blink of an eye and dealing with the aftermath can be extremely stressful and frustrating. When first responders have left the scene and released the property back to its owner, the question then becomes, what now? While some property owners take the burden of crime scene clean up on themselves, this task is better left to professional cleaners.

Why is a crime scene clean up dangerous?

Most crime scenes are thoroughly combed through by law enforcement, but often once they’re finished, the likelihood of leftover debris and bodily fluids is high. When blood spills are not properly sanitized, there is a high risk of spreading pathogens. This is even more likely with pathogens that survive outside of the body for days, weeks, or sometimes months.

Other potentially infectious materials such as blood can contain infectious diseases that can be contagious and extremely unsafe. Rather than trying to clean the scene yourself, it’s important that you call a certified crime scene clean up company that is trained in properly cleaning hazardous spaces.

What can be considered a crime scene?

While crime scenes in movies are depicted as horrific scenes with mass destruction, that isn’t always the case with typical crime scenes. In addition to places of death, crime scenes can include the clean up of hazardous chemicals associated with meth labs, MRSA outbreaks, fire and smoke damage, broken glass, pepper gas, and more. These scenes can happen anywhere, can range in size, and often occur when we least expected.

How can biohazard clean up help?

Biohazard clean up can consist of blood and trauma clean up, medical waste disposal, any type of bodily fluid cleaning, and more. All of these all extremely vital to cleaning up a crime scene properly. Professional cleaners like Xtreme Cleaners recover and dispose of all medical waste recovered from crime scenes. Whether it’s blood, trauma, needles, emergency responders’ discarded items or other potentially infectious materials, biohazard cleaning companies are experts in safely decontaminating and cleaning a space. Also, they know how to properly dispose of the biohazards. Any blood spill bigger than a gauze pad is considered hazardous material and needs to be disposed of properly. A homeowner can incur hefty fines if caught disposing of hazardous materials in everyday garbage.

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting crime scenes, biohazard cleaners have extensive training in handling potentially dangerous scenes. They will always send a team of trained professional cleaners who are certified in bloodborne pathogens and chemical exposure and come with the most technologically advanced equipment. In addition to equipment, biohazard clean up companies come prepared with the proper PPE (personal protective equipment). With the best safety equipment and cleaning supplies, these companies are prepped to ensure your safety as well as their own.

Lastly, professional cleaning companies can get the job done quickly. Having to handle the clean up of a crime scene is traumatic and if you try to take on the burden alone it can add additional stress. Biohazard cleaning companies will do a thorough job and ensure the space is safe in a fraction of the time it would take you.

At Xtreme Cleaners we have over 20 years of experience cleaning up after trauma, homicides, crime scenes, and other biohazard contamination in Louisiana. We know that crime scenes can happen anytime, which is why our team of highly trained technicians are ready to respond to any crime or unattended death scene 24/7. If you or someone you know needs help cleaning a crime scene, give us a call at (800) 524-9591.