Work With a Bioremeditation Cleaning Company

Work With a Bioremeditation Cleaning Company

Work With a Bioremeditation Cleaning Company

Work With a Bioremeditation Cleaning Company

As the state of Louisiana begins entering phases to open businesses post COVID-19, it’s important that you are ready to do so safely. Everyone is eager to get back to work but keeping the health and safety of your employees & customers is the number one priority. Simply performing routine cleaning might not be sufficient in preventing the spread of coronavirus. When preparing to open, make sure your space is clean and you have a solid plan in place. We broke down why you should work with a trusted Bioremeditation Cleaning Company when reopening into two main sections: getting you ready to go and being there when you need them. Working with a professional company to get your business ready to go can be a game changer.

Helping You Reopen

If there’s anything we’ve learned with this pandemic, it’s that viruses can spread rapidly, and outbreaks can cause serious situations. That’s why it’s so important to approach reopening strategically. Whether you’ve had a confirmed COVID-19 case in your building, or you are looking to ensure the top cleaning standards right off the bat, a professional biohazard cleaning company could be your best bet. 

OHSA requires that every business has an emergency action plan. Their purpose is to organize employer and employee actions during workplace emergencies. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, they have released guidelines on developing an additional plan, which is how to prepare your workplaces for COVID-19. It goes into detail regarding employee safety and basic cleaning in regard to coronavirus. Building a professional bioremediation cleaning company into your plan can be crucial to your success in opening. 

A Bioremeditation Cleaning Company is There When You Need Them 

When you open your business to the public and bring back employees this is when your plan goes into action. It’s important to keep up with regularly disinfecting common touchpoints in the office. Some of the main touchpoints in offices include doorknobs, light switches, toilet handles,  printers/copiers and filing cabinets. Another vital step to take is to monitor employee health. Through temperature checks and providing tissues, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes in the office, you can promote a clean environment. 

If you are located in urban areas like Baton Rouge or New Orleans, you might need to be extra cautious regarding cleaning. Touchpoints don’t just live inside your building but also include doorknobs outside and any doorbells or mailboxes. The virus can spread throughout the state of Louisiana and all precautionary measures in cleaning are important.

Even if you do your due diligence, a resurgence might occur. This is when you call in the professionals. A professional bioremeditation cleaning company has experts in safely cleaning and disinfecting environments. They are thorough and skilled at cleaning all nooks and crannies properly so you can return safely. 

Prepared for the Worst

Everyone is ready for the world to get back to normal, but we know that it will be at a slow pace. Coronavirus showed us that anyone can get sick and this virus can spread fast. Taking the proper steps and being prepared for anything when opening will help ensure you’re set for success. According to the CDC, you should develop your plan, implement your plan, and maintain and revise your plan. From cleaning and disinfecting before opening to monitoring throughout and prepping for the worst-case scenario, it’s important you leave no stone left un-turned.

If your home or office have come in contact with COVID-19, call Xtreme Cleaners to assist with disinfection at 225-276-3489. We have the proper environmental, pollution, professional liability and other insurance required for this type of work. We’ve already disinfected over 500,000 square feet of commercial, residential and apartments since the outbreak and are here to help.