Blood Trauma Cleanup Services


The scene of blood & trauma often results from a homicide, violent attack, assault, work place accident, decontamination, blood cleanup, suicide, death scene or many other sources. XTREME Cleaners’ technicians are trained by psychologists and understand what the family is going through in these situations. Our team leader will thoroughly explain the process that is required for each situation. Along with the team leader, our technicians work quickly and efficiently to restore the property back to its original or better condition. The cleaning of the medical waste that is collected at a trauma scene must be lawfully disposed of according to the 1992 Medical Waste Act. By working with XTREME Cleaners, you can be assured that your property will be properly cleaned and the medical waste will be disposed of legally.


Blood is a specialized bodily fluid that delivers necessary substances to the body’s cells such as nutrients and oxygen and transports waste products from those same cells. Blood that is contaminated with blood borne pathogens is a hazardous material. Some examples of these are HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, viral hemorrhagic fevers and OPIM’s (Other Potentially Infectious Materials.) Because of the possibility of blood being contaminated at a crime scene, it is best to have a professional crime scene cleanup company clean the area as soon as possible to prevent deeper contamination. Plus, a crime scene technician must follow multiple laws and OSHA regulations to provide a safe environment for the family. It is not recommended to attempt the blood & trauma cleanup yourself. Many times the blood is not confined to a small area and it usually seeps to the underlying area. XTREME Cleaners’ technicians receive training on blood cleanup, bloodborne pathogens and the handling of exposed items. We have an extensive exposure control program and medical waste handling procedures. All hazardous waste we collect is lawfully disposed of according to the 1992 Medical Waste Act.