METH LAB Remediation


The DEA and EPA Meth Lab Regulations require law enforcement agencies to cleanup after a meth lab has been discovered. This cleanup consists of the removal of all precursors and associated chemicals and supplies. (This is not a meth lab remediation, and does not make the property safe for re-occupancy). All one pots, shake and bakes, HCL gas generators, and associated chemicals must be properly removed, deactivated, neutralized, and disposed of. XTREME Cleaners technicians are highly trained in deactivating and neutralizing active meth labs.


Statistics show that as many as 1 in 10 homes are contaminated with meth by either users or makers of meth. Meth is inexpensive and easy to make. The mere smoking of meth in your property will contaminate the property and may lead to symptoms of use such as runny nose, sore throat, skin rashes, and even cancer. XTREME Cleaners sends out qualified technicians to gather samples for third party laboratory testing.


Once a property has tested positive for meth it has to be remediated for safe re-occupancy. The DEA and LADEQ has extensive guidelines for the remediation of these contaminated properties. XTREME Cleaners provides a written remediation plan and will remediate your property back to safe levels. Our process allows the property owner to get the property removed from the LADEQ’s list of contaminated properties. Our extensive process consists of the following process:
  1. Airing out of the property
  2. Removal and disposal of porous low value contents
  3. HEPA vacuum all remaining surfaces
  4. Triple wash down of all surfaces (with proprietary methods)
  5. Cleaning of HVAC ductwork and system
  6. Cleaning of plumbing and waste lines
  7. Encapsulation of the interior
  8. Air out the property again
  9. Post testing of the property (upon request)
  10. Certificate of remediation