XTREME Cleaners provides safety consultation services that include inspections, audits and training. We work directly with clients to tailor a program to fit their specific needs. Our site inspectors will visit your site daily, weekly or any other interval that we feel best fits your company’s needs. Out trainers are all #500 OSHA Outreach Instructors and bring with them numerous years of experience in both the construction and crime & death scene cleanup fields. We bring the training to you, either at your workplace or we can make arrangements for a proper training site.

  • Site Audits and Inspections
  • Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Programs
  • Worker Training and Orientation
  • Contract Compliance Services
  • Prequalification of Subcontractors


This three hour course is design to teach first responders the signs of a meth lab, types of a meth lab, the proper response and the dangers associated with each type of lab. Topics covered include:

  • Two types of basic meth labs: Ammonia vs. Iodine
    • Ammonia based labs: One Pot Shake ‘N’ Bake and Nazi
    • Iodine based labs: Red ‘P’ Phosphorous and Hype/Hypo Labs
  • Key ingredients in all labs
  • Supplies and chemicals needed to make meth
  • Tools and equipment needed to make meth
  • Response to a meth lab
  • Equipment and PPE required to respond to a meth lab
  • The dangers of meth
  • The effects of meth
  • Clean up and disposal of meth labs
  • Remediation of a former meth lab

All this information will be covered in an overview format; the attendee will leave with a basic knowledge of meth labs, the four types of labs, the dangers involved and the proper response.


The instructor is Lawrence M. Douglas, III, President of XTREME Cleaners. He was featured by TLC on the television show “Ultimate Cleaners” and Destination America’s “Buying the Bayou”, holds a Master’s Degree in Management, was a police officer, detective, & drug recognition expert in New Hampshire starting in 1986 and is known throughout the industry as an expert in drugs and meth labs. He is an OSHA Outreach Trainer, Level 3 HAZWOPER 40 Instructor; an OSHA #5600 Disaster Site Worker Train the Trainer, explosives trained at the Louisiana State Police Academy, attended meth lab training conducted by the DEA, and is certified through Merit Group as a Meth Lab Specialist & Meth Lab Incident Commander among other numerous trainings.

In the last three plus years, he has personally responded to over 700 meth labs and neutralized and dismantled them for disposal. Because of Mr. Douglas’ background as a police officer, he offers this course for no charge for first responders. He feels the information is too important not to be shared with anyone who might come in contact with a meth lab.