Untimely Death Scene, Suicide and Homicide

Untimely death scene cleaning might be the result of a homicide, suicide, accident, an unattended death or just natural causes. Unfortunately, death is not always peaceful and the scene of a death is not always neat and easy to clean.


Over 30,000 Americans take their own lives each year. The emotional stress for the family of the victim makes the job of suicide cleanup better suited for a certified crime scene technician. While understanding the sensitivity of the situation, a technician is not emotionally involved and can properly and legally cleanup the biohazardous waste and possible infectious disease. XTREME Cleaners’ technicians respond quickly when dealing with a post suicide attempt or death scene. They understand the sensitivity and work discreetly to protect the confidentiality of the victim and family. Our technicians clean, decontaminate, remove & properly disposal of all potentially infectious materials and restore the scene back to its original condition. Most homeowners and business insurance policies cover the cost of suicide scene cleaning. XTREME Cleaners works directly with most insurance companies to file a claim and process payment for our services.


A homicide scene is perhaps one of the most difficult crime scenes to cleanup. We understand the difficulty of the situation. Our technicians are compassionate, respectful, and sympathetic. They understand that the victim mattered to other people. They know what the family is going through and do everything possible to get the scene cleaned as quickly and discreetly as possible. We also train our technicians in crime scene protocol and procedure. Our technicians understand the sensitivity involved when dealing with a homicide. If our technicians discover evidence, they know how to document its discovery and location. On numerous occasions, our technicians have discovered additional evidence assisting the police in their investigation. Our professional office staff will deal directly with your insurance company which helps to reduce the financial burden on your family. When dealing with the aftermath of a untimely death scene, utilizing a professional cleaning company allows you time to focus on the important things like family making burial arrangements, and grieving for your loved one. Call us today at 1-800-524-9591.